About Mathias Dahl

This is the official home page of Mathias Dahl, programmer.

Digital Me

In the digital world I have a strong interest in Free Software and Open Source. I am an avid Emacs user since 1997 and I have contributed a large-ish package called Image-Dired to it. When I write software in my spare time I almost always do it because I have some itch that I want to scratch so I have ended up with a lot of small tools. Some I have released more publicly into the wild, and you will find them in the link section to the right on this page. Who knows, maybe you will find one of them useful?


I currently work as a software architect at IFS, developing the ERP suite IFS Applications. It's a big piece of software so I am working with a gazillion different techniques, programming languages and architectures. To just throw some terms around, at any given week my work consists of juggling some or all of these different things around: Java/JEE, Oracle, PL/SQL, HTML, XML, Javascript, Emacs Lisp, Command files (.cmd/.bat), Ant scripts (although I hate it!), .NET and C#, Visual Basic. And stuff.


This page is deliberately focused on technical/professional/geek matters. If you like to see the more personal side of me or for other reasons want to contact me, send an e-mail to my Gmail address, which you get by this formula: firstname.lastname@gmail.com. I can also be contacted on Google+, on twitter as @themathiasdahl or on LinkedIn.

See you!